Eaglevlei Wines

Eaglevlei Wines

Eaglevlei Wines - Photo taken with Canon 50D (Digital)

Photo taken with my old Pentax ME Super 35mm film camera

Yesterday I had the privilege of having breakfast with friends at the Eaglevlei Wine farm. What a lovely place. I took some photographs with 2 cameras. My Primary camera is the Canon 50D, but this time I also took along my old Pentax 35 mm camera.
I was inspired to do this by being asked by a friend to scan negatives of her overseas trip after she had lost all her prints. Seeing how well the scans came out – even using very old negatives, I thought, well, this could mean the rebirth of film in my business. Go back to the roots as it were!

Anyway now today I am going to take that 35mm spool in for developing. Then I will compare the results.

Here is a digital version (shot with the Canon) of some of the pics I took yesterday. When I have scanned the negatives and IF they are good enough I will post them here for you to compare as well! Hoping for the best…

6 thoughts on “Eaglevlei Wines

  1. Nice! I have a fairly snazzy 35mm camera at home with lenses etc. Works well but I’ve stopped using it since developing the film and printing the photos have become so expensive. I have stacks of old positive and negative film to scan in if you’re feeling bored 😛
    BTW, the colours are very different on the two shots. Same time of day etc? Used flash at all? Auto or manual focus, aperture and lense-speed? The film shot has lots of reds showing the wall as light pink almost vs grey from the digital shot. Bottle caps are bronze vs yellow-gold and the labels black vs bronzish… which is the accurate colour representation? Any digital tweaking afterwards on either shots? I’m intrigued… Still believe 35mm is the “real” photographers choice 😉

    • Wine bottle photos were taken minutes apart – but the depth of field difference as well as the boceh & colour are as a result of the different lenses. The Canon Digital used a 15-85 mm lens and ISO 400 f5.6 1/100 sec 75mm focal length

      The Pentax used a 80-200 mm zoom – I did not take a note of the aperture and speed setting when I took the picture but looking at the 2 I am assuming a fairly large aperture so probably f4.5 ISO 200 Fuji film, shutter speed was probably around 1/30 sec and focal length of approx 80-100 mm. Longer lens less light, f4.5 is not a particularly fast lens. I believe this is the reason for the softer focus & warmer result.

      The only tweaking was to resize the pics as per the WordPress requirements.

      Although to me the digital image is sharper and clearer, I also like the 35 mm film version. But I must say what a schlep to scan. Not that expensive to develop – ORMS charges R24 to process 1 spool, and I think they said R40 for the prints. B&W is more expensive as they send that away to labs in JHB.

      No flash used at all

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