Table Mountain – a Natural Wonder!

Table Mountain seen from Milnerton Beach

Well, some have said on Twitter “Table Mountain you beauty”. And that is so true. I was born in Cape Town in Mowbray at the foot of Table Mountain. It has been part of my life. It was my playground as a child. It is now an object of beauty that I can photograph.

And now…it was voted to be one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World!

I remember, as a child, walking home from school during the winter months. Battling it out against the South Easter wind and rain, trudging up the steep Mountain Rd in gumboots and a raincoat. You arrive home thoroughly soaked despite the rain gear.

I remember climbing up to the cave on the face of Devil’s Peak – which not many people know about – with my Dad. Those days were precious. Then one could drive along the Table Mountain road, past the lower cableway station and park one’s car at the end of the road overlooking University Estate where we lived. One could see the entire Table Bay stretched out before you, with Duncan Docks and the now demolished Paarden Island power station.

What a magnificent view could be enjoyed from the Mountain, but the Mountain itself is breathtaking in it’s beauty. Just go across the bay to Milnerton to see what I mean. The attached photograph is one of my favourites. I was standing on Milnerton Beach near the lighthouse to take this photograph.

I remember the three South African Airforce pilots that died crashing into the Mountain while practicing for a Military Parade.

I remember the Mountain’s devastating fires of recent years, and how marvelous it is to see new growth emerge from the ash.

Table Mountain is a landmark to travellers, a beacon to those unsure of directions. I can imagine how the seamen of old must have felt after months at sea in the sailing ships when at last they saw this great sight.

Congratulations Table Mountain! Congratulations Cape Town! Congratulations South Africa! This is a part of our heritage and I am proud to be a Capetonian & a South African citizen!

3 thoughts on “Table Mountain – a Natural Wonder!

  1. I remember after Aunt Gwenny died we took Uncle Arthur up the mountain one day after it had been a rather wet winter. There were so many waterfalls – big and small. The trees’ trunks were dark with water which made the leaves a vivid bright green. I will never forget that. It was so wet that I remember thinking that if I just poke a hole with my finger in the side of the mountain I would see water pouring out of it.

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