Old Buildings (part 1)

This article started out as a look at Old Buildings. Unfortunately (for the topic) though, I got stuck at the first building I entered. so instead of AN article – this may well turn out to be a series. Anyway I hope you enjoy it whichever way it turns out.

My wife and I took a drive into Cape Town CBD. Parked in the King’s Parking garage in Parliament street and walked over to the Company Gardens.  The intention was to start off with St. Georges Cathedral and then move up to St. Mary’s passing by the Cape Town Museum and the National Art Gallery on the way.

Well, as I said I got stuck in St Georges C. It is quite amazing  the beauty of the building. If you have never been inside it, make sure that when you have the opportunity to do so you make the most of it! We started out with the Crypt.

When I was still in school at Cape Town High – which is at the top end of the Company Gardens – my English teacher brought the class down to St. Georges C. for a lesson. We read Gray’s ‘Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard’ down in the Crypt.  The Organ was being played and those wonderful sounds were drifting down into the Crypt to produce an almost haunting sound of something spiritual. This was an experience I have never forgotten.

Now the Crypt is used as a display centre.

St George’s Cathedral is of course an Anglican Cathedral, and the now retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu – previously the Archbishop of Cape Town – still holds a Friday morning Service in the Cathedral every 2nd Friday.

We entered the Church itself. They allow photographs to be taken as long as the photographs are not of oneself in the church! These photos are just a few that I took during the visit and are all of the same Window seen from the outside and inside.

I suspect that this series is going to keep me busy for quite a while, but I intend to publish 1 article per week.

One thought on “Old Buildings (part 1)

  1. Vanessa and I used to walk through the Gardens after school on our way home. We often went inside St. George’s Cathedral. I remember one day very clearly. St. G’s rather eery inside when you first go in, and its very quiet. The acoustics are great. The smallest whisper is heard… So imagine our surprise one day when we walked in and there were people practicing for Easter. They were dressed in white and the music was fitting to Easter (can’t remember what though) and they were flitting about in front of the pulpit. RATHER STARTLING WHEN YOU ARE AT AN IMPRESSIONABLE AGE!!!

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