Old Buildings (Part 2)

Today I returned to Cape Town CBD on my quest to photograph the old buildings of Cape Town.

I stopped once again at the St. Georges Cathedral to capture an image that escaped me last week – due to a technical malfunction of the lens I was using. So I include that image today.

The first photograph however is of the erstwhile South African Cultural History museum – which now forms part of IZIKO: Museums of Cape Town. This museum houses items of both cultural and natural history. Built in 1679 it first served as a lodge for the slaves of the Dutch East India company (VOC), but then in 1807 the British Government converted the building into Post Office, library and the Supreme Court. It was during British rule that a version of the British Coat of Arms was added to the building.

The 2nd picture shows a close up of the Coat of Arms with 2 of the British mottos, ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’: Evil to him who evil thinks, and ‘Dieu et mon Droit’: ‘God and my Right’ – also sometimes quoted as ‘God and my Right shall defend me’.

Moving on from there to the Company Gardens and the (belated) picture of the St. Georges Cathedral.

We then made our way to The National Library – Cape Town. This building was established in 1818 and from being the South African Library  has been amalgamated in November of 1999, with the State Library in Pretoria (1887) to form the new National Library.

I often used to frequent this building when at school in Cape Town High School and I think my love of reading and of books was born at this library.

Next on our tour of old buildings was actually a request from a friend of mine – now living in a place called Elora, Canada. (You know who you are). Here are a few pictures of Long Street. Notice the Victorian style of the buildings with the wrought iron balconies and supporting pillars. There are many small shops to be found in Long Street, and it is a shopping tourist’s delight.

That is it for this week! I hope you enjoy the Old Buildings tour of Cape Town. There is still more to come!

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