Old Buildings (part 4)

This week I decided to show you a building in Cape Town that is now history. Literally. The picture is of the Salt River Power Station…or not!

The first photo I took many years ago from the stoep of my Parent’s house, which now has new owners, in University Estate. This house had a magnificent view of the Table Bay and the Peninsula. The house was situated on the slopes of Devil’s Peak, just below the ‘De Waal drive’.

This photo was scanned in from an old print. The camera was my 2nd 35mm film camera, the Pentax MX using the Asahi Pentax Takumar 80-200 mm zoom lens.

The second photo I took today. Using my Canon 7D with the 15-85 mm lens. I had to crop this photo to try and bring it more or less similar to the old print. The focal lengths of the lenses are vastly different. You will also notice that the power lines are missing in the newer pic. That is because I had to take this picture from a different position, not being able to get access to the house.

If you look carefully at the lower part of each picture you will notice a warehouse/factory on the left that appears in both pics. On the bottom right hand side you will see the sign-writing of the Standard Mill.

There is a story behind these two photographs…a few years ago I entered a competition run by the Beeld newspaper. The competition was to publish photos of “Then and Now…”

I decided to show these images which I entered into the competition. Unfortunately I had lost the digital image I took then, which is why I had to shoot it again today for this blog.

A while after the two photos were published, and article on the internet appeared. Here is the link to it…http://2fwww.africancrisis.co.za/Article.php?ID=21913&

If you read that article and page down you will see the two photographs that I entered into the competition. To think that my innocent photo’s were used to justify a conspiracy theory.

The 3rd photograph is the full size (uncropped) version of the 2nd image.

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