Old Buildings (part 5)

So it is the new year and after a couple of weeks break I am back to continue my blog project.

To all my readers, I wish you all the best for 2012. May it be happy and filled with good memories!

This morning my wife and I got up a little later than usual, and decided to take a walk on the beach. We normally go to Melbosstrand as the beach offers a nice long walk. There are often a few nice surprises to find there as well. I love photographing textures of sand, stone and objects lying on the beach, while my wife looks for a special shell or stone or piece of driftwood that she can use in her pursuit of arts & crafts.

Our intention was pure, have breakfast and go for a walk. However we made a mistake. A pleasant one to be sure, but nevertheless a mistake. We decided to have breakfast at “die DAMHUIS” – a restaurant on the beachfront road of Melkbosstrand. Once before we wanted to have coffee there but they were closed at the time, and since then each time we went for a walk on the beach we had already eaten at home – or we had brought along our own lunch – or we were there at the wrong time!

This time we were determined to try out the restaurant. And our luck held. They were open!

We sat down and it wasn’t long before we were served with a delicious cup of hot filter coffee. I say hot, because at times, having ordered filter coffee at a restaurant, with hot milk mind you, it arrives at your table warm and by the time you are half way done drinking it, it is cold.

This coffee was perfect. I know I am sounding a bit like an advert for the restaurant but believe me when I say it is worth the few words spent on it. The breakfast was superb as well.

The menu they brought me looked interesting so I picked it up and started reading. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that die DAMHUIS has a very rich history. It was one of the original outbuildings of the De Melkbosch farmstead and was known as the “Visschuur”. It was around the mid 1700’s that the farm was established and the dam house was built. It served as a shed to house fishing equipment, nets & boats. There was a spring that formed a dam to the side of the dam house. That spring is still used as a well point today. Eventually the dam house became a residence and went though many changes over the years.

It is reputedly the oldest building in Melkbosstrand.

One of the pictures in this gallery shows a cross section of the wall’s original construction. One can see how thick the wall is.

According to the history outlined on the menu, the Dam House featured during the Battle of Blaauwberg, in 1806, when a few soldiers were reported to have broken into the old “Visschuur” (the DAMHUIS) and stole 3 fishing boats and some dried fish.

And by the way, I did pay for my breakfast, so this is not a punt, but if you do want a good breakfast, do as we did today and I am sure you will be happy with both the food and the service.

Now you may be wondering where is the mistake in all this? Well you see, after such a wonderful breakfast and finding out about the history of the  building, I decided to use it as the subject for this weeks blog. That meant taking photos, speaking to the management to get permission and so on. By the time I was finished with all that it was nearing midday and getting rather warm. We decided to skip the walk on the beach and go home instead. Therein lies the mistake. No exercise as planned!

Oh well, there is always next time…

3 thoughts on “Old Buildings (part 5)

  1. Glenn and I went there in September last year. It was great. I loved the idea of their menus pasted into old recipe books each on a separate page. And I still have the little stone that they give you with the Damhuis name and telephone number written on it with silver paint. Their menu was excellent as well as the service we got there.

    I have another subject for you. It’s also a registered historical building with an exquisite restaurant. It’s called The Captain’s Table and you will find it on the Simon’s Town Main Road. There is a pub on the ground floor and you walk almost behind the pub counter to get to the staircase that takes you to the restaurant upstairs. Their food was absolutely brilliant.

    http://www.captains-table.co.za/ http://www.captains-table.co.za/CT_Menu_food.html

    I suggest you go take a look and taste.
    Love Colleen

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