Mills (1)

Some time ago we visited Genadendal. It is a quaint mission village often descibed as the oldest Moravian mission village on the continent. The centre of the village is where all the activity is:  a print­ing museum, a black­smith, a res­taur­ant, a group of weavers, coun­try accom­mod­a­tion, a book­shop and the paper mill which operates still. The first 3 pictures are of the paper mill’s water wheel and the stream that provides the power to drive the mill.

This little town is definitely worth a visit.

The next set of photos is of the Josephine Mill in Newlands. Also worth a visit, this mill is now a museum. It is still operational, but is out of action at the moment due to an electrical fault soon to be repaired. The mill was established in 1840 built on a site of an earlier mill by a swedish immigrant Jacob Letterstedt. he was also one of the 1820 settlers. The mill was named after the Crown Princess Josephine of Sweden who later became Queen. Later, during the period 1863-1881 a Steam Kettle was added to drive the mill. It passed through various owners, amongst whom were, Ohllson’s Cape Breweries, Mrs Kate van der Byl. The last owner miss Myra East, the niece and heiress of Mrs van der Byl donated the mill to the Historical Society of Cape Town in 1975.

These days there is a restaurant attached to the museum, which is currently undergoing renovations by new owners. I spoke to a person for this restaurant project and he said it would be opening in approx. 2 months time and promises to be the finest restaurant in Cape Town. Watch this space!

There are 3 windmills in Cape Town which I am going to try and track down for next week’s blog.

Have a great week.

3 thoughts on “Mills (1)

  1. Hi, I am interested to know if you would be kind to let us use some of your pictures for building the website of the Genadendal Museum. We would be pleased to give credit of courses for using them. Thanks for your earliest reply. Theo

    • With Pleasure! Let me know which ones and I will send you web-optimized versions. Let me know what size you want them as well. Or otherwise I will send you the originals and you could re-size them and optimize them yourselves…? Let me know if I can be of any future assistance as photographer…

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