Dancing is fun and also a sport…

My son got married 1 year ago. Before that he and his other half started taking dance lessons. Ballroom dance lessons. I was amazed. I would never have thought it possible but there it was, my son was taking dance lessons. And enjoying it by all accounts. Soon they were taking part in National Competitions, albeit at junior levels and were winning prizes.

Now a year later, I was invited to attend an open evening for friends and family and I decided to take my camera along.

As per my usual modus operandi, I asked the owner whether he would allow me to take pictures and publish them. He was quite happy and even granted me an interview. Meet Mark Engelbrecht – owner and brains behind the dance studio – ‘dance domain’

The studio’s motto is ‘Learn today, dance forever’.

Mark started out 22 years ago in Pretoria with a dance school and in 1995 moved down to Cape Town. 8 years ago he started dance domain as a loose association of some of the best dance studios in the country.

They teach all Ballroom, Latin and social dances. They have participated in competitions, locally and internationally, and often walk away with top awards. In 2008 and 2010 they achieved the Top Studio award which enjoys international status.

I asked Mark if he has a message he would like to pass on, and after a moment’s thought he said the following: ‘We will teach dance to anyone, from a 6yr old to 87 yr old, singles or couples, age does not matter, all that matters is one must want to do it.’ Then after a moment he added… ‘Well that’s not quite true, I have seen many husbands being dragged in here by their wives…but they end up enjoying it anyway!’.

From my observations as one, I must add that, that has two left feet and an untrained eye,  it really was enjoyable watching the students learn new steps. The instructor made it look so easy. Within a few minutes the group was trotting out the steps they had just learnt quite easily.

The main photo gallery features two of the professionals, Darryn and Irene, demonstrating the Cha-Cha to the students.

dance domain has a website: http://www.dancedomain.co.za

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