How to Avoid Cabin Fever…

Cabin Fever. A rare disease that affects those that are stuck in a cabin for a period of time with nothing other than normal things to do. Synonyms for Cabin, would be, erm…work or home or bad weather or anything that prevents one from being in the great outdoors…in other words – anything that could provide an excuse to get out.

Anyway my excuse was that we were indoors the entire weekend. The weather was cold and rainy and I saw an opening in the clouds and some sun shone through! Suddenly I was inspired, and a deep yearning came over me for something that is (almost) as basic as bread and water – a Wimpy Mega coffee with a Cuppuccino Muffin. My wife needed no second invitation and in a flash cameras were packed, house burglar alarm was set and we were, as Willie Nelson sang,…”on the road again…”.

Having stopped at the Engen Petrol stop on the N1 for the mandatory nourishment of the Wimpy variety, we arrived in Paarl to find mist. Once on the Jan Philips Drive I was forced to engage low range on the 4×4 because the gravel road was extremely muddy and very slippery.The mist was so thick it reminded us of a trip a few years back when we were travelling to Pilgrim’s Rest via Dullstroom. The mountain pass was almost impassable due to mist. One had to travel so slowly with fog lights on and hazard’s flashing to avoid being rear ended by another vehicle.

Anyway mist is wonderful for photography as it tends to diffuse light very well. There is also that ghostly effect of trees just visible in the mist. I enjoy misty situations.

Anyway it soon lifted and as you can see in the photos above we saw some beautiful flowers and some wonderful scenery.

When we left Paarl, I turned the nose of the car towards Franschhoek. We took the Franschhoek pass and stopped to take a few pictures of the Theewaterskloof dam, which at the moment is rather worryingly low. The first 5 pictures in the gallery are HDR and were are taken along the road between Franschhoek and Grabouw.

We stopped off at the Orchards Restaurant/Farm stall for lunch and enjoyed a coffee and a delicious meal of Chicken Schnitzel, Chips and salad.

After that, we made our way homewards but did so via The Strand and paid some close family a visit (more coffee).

And that, my friends,  is how to avoid (or get cured of) cabin fever.

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