Cape Winter

A few weeks ago to escape boredom and get out of the house, after being housebound with colds & flu, we took a drive through the Boland region and saw the dams and rivers were rather low. We had at that stage not yet had sufficient rainfall for our winter season. It was quite worrying.

Yesterday, we decided to do the same route to see whether the rain we had over the last week or so had made any difference. We found swollen rivers running so fast that if one had to fall in, being drowned and swept out to sea would be inevitable. In fact this week past the Newspapers were reporting on a young child that was missing after falling into a storm water canal and there are fears that his body may never be recovered.

On  brighter note however, rivers feed into dams first and this means that our water supply for the summer is looking better than a few weeks ago. The current stats published by the City of Cape Town is looking good. The current total % stored measured against total capacity is 83.1%. This is 3% better than the same time last year and 6.4% better than last week.

In the photos above you will see that the Berg River dam is in fact overflowing. The city reports this dam as being 101% full. For those that are interested here is a link to the City’s web site for dam levels.

The snow on the mountain ranges helps a lot as most of that melts down and flows into the dams.

It was a cold day with the snow-capped mountains around us, but the views were very beautiful indeed.

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