West Coast Drive (Part 2)

So we continued from Laaiplek, back through Velddrif taking the Piketburg road heading to Citrusdal. The road is bad with lots of potholes. But alongside the road the flowers, white Daisies, were magnificent. Fields of White were starting to open up for us. At times it looked like snow.

We stopped at Kardoesie for cuppaccino. Looking over the valley is a magnificent sight of farmlands. The Canola fields form bright yellow patches against the backdrop of the green wheat fields. Then you look around you and see the bright oranges and deep pinks of the Namaqualand Daisy. Your breath stops. The beauty is rare.

Kardoesie is a wonderful pitstop for travellers on this road. They serve wonderful meals, and the shop offers many pleasures for the sweet tooth and tourist shopper. From jams and dried fruit to hats and dresses.

Onwards to to Citrusdal we had to navigate our way through a couple of roadworks “stop-and-go” sections.

Eventually we reached the point where we could see the Olifants River. This river flows alongside the N7 for most of the way from Citrusdal to Klawer. On the way to Klawer it stops momentarily at the Clanwilliam Dam. This dam is at 98% of it’s capacity at the moment and they had the sluice gates opened marginally, to release water into the Olifants river so that the flow to the farms downstream are not found wanting.

At Clanwilliam there is another checkpoint. The Velskoen Farm stall. The reason this is a checkpoint for us is the bread that they bake. Soetsuurdeeg or”Sweet sour dough” bread. 18″ long and doorstep size. They bake these bread in wood fired ovens and are still warm when you buy it. I bought 3 loaves. And 3 jars of Orange Blossom Honey. Not all for myself I must add. There are some friends of mine that are always glad to get a loaf of this fantastic bread.

Onward to Klawer where we turned around and headed back home. A round trip of 821 km’s and 13 hours later, including stops, we arrived at home tired but happy and satisfied.

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