Spring has sprung

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We are into the 6th day of September and although elsewhere in Cape Town the flowers are flaunting their petals in a fabulous show, here in my garden it has been slower.

Until today.

Suddenly my garden has colour, new shoots on the roses, and even my Clivia’s have promised me some brightness by next week – maybe even earlier…

More rain is rumoured to arrive by Sunday…but then the sun will shine again. I am looking forward to lovely flowers this year. Outside my house, on the pavement, are the fruits of 2 poppy plants. They seeded well last year because this year there are many more plants in the same patch. We hope for a lovely display from them as well.

A local supermarket was handing out the little Spekboom plant you see in the pot. This is an interesting tree. It is also referred to as South Africa’s wonder plant.

The English name, Elephant Food, originates from the habit of elephants to eat the top shoots of the “trees”, causing the plants to grow and spread horizontally.

The Spekboom has the ability to take big quantities of carbon dioxide out of the air and convert it oxygen.  Research shows that 1ha of Spekboom can convert carbon dioxide to an average of 4.2t of oxygen per year. It is also referred to as Elephant Food, as Elephants like to eat off the top shoots of the tree, which causes the tree to grow horizontally rather than tall.

Watch this space…

One thought on “Spring has sprung

  1. Nice pics and info re. the Elephant Food. Will have to find some. By the way, Spring only starts around 22 September after the Spring equinox 😉

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