Kommetjie – a basin of beauty!

Well I did say, watch this space…

Today we took a drive out to Kommetjie. The idea was to walk to the Slangkop Lighthouse, which we did, but on the way we noticed a few flowers. Nothing much just here and there a little patch of white, or pink.

Then we came closer to the lighthouse, just past the spot where the houses end…and the fields were in display. So I decided to make this blog about Kommetjie, the Lighthouse and the flowers.

Apparently the Khoi San were the earliest residents of the area as evidenced by some of the tools they used, like shells for cutting etc. Their skeletal remains were found as well.

Kommetjie, for those who do not know it is a very small community. Not much industry in the town itself. There is no fishing except for locals angling or netting crayfish and perlemoen (abelone). The main fishing Industry activity is from the nearby town of Hout Bay.

There is a cookie factory nearby and a few other businesses a little way out of town. In the town itself not much apart from the Post Office, and internet cafe, a Superette and so on.

Kommetjie is also part of the fynbos biome, which boasts the highest number of plant species per square kilometre. Australian plants, imported in the 1800s are threatening the fynbos which is made up of some of the rarest and most sought after varieties in this biotic community.

Kommetjie’s biggest asset is undoubtedly it’s beauty. The mountain and the sea – as with other spots around Cape Town – provide marvelous views.

We filled up our “basket” for the day with cookies from the Cookie factory, samoosas from the Superette, and all the beauty our eyes could gather on our walk.

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