Stoep Quilters Expo

I was asked to take some photographs of the items on display at the Stoep Quilters Expo. My wife belongs to this group of quilters. The ladies meet every fortnight at a local church and have a cake & tea gathering and discuss quilting techniques. There is always an opportunity for a friendly brag about something someone has done.

This group also has an outreach program. They meet regularly with another group of quilters from a less fortunate background and often help them with fundraisers and/or training of various techniques.

Today the Stoep Quilters had their annual exhibition. I was amazed to see the beautiful quilts on display. I complimented one of the ladies on a particularly attractive quilt with incredible detail. She and her friend then commented on how odd it is to see a man interested in this kind of thing. I replied that as a photographer I have an eye for beauty, and whether it is wildlife, a flower, a face, or any inanimate object, I will notice something special about it and will be able to appreciate it. The fact that my wife is involved with the Stoep Quilters makes it extra special because I now know how much effort goes into producing these wonderful creations.

Anyway here is a slide show of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy them…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photos will be available in larger format on the Stoep Quilters facebook page in a few days time.

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