You may have noticed in some recent blogs of mine that I have been sneaking in a picture or 2 of Lighthouses. There aren’t enough Lighthouses close enough to make a regular series out of them. I do, however have a few pics of the ones that are near Cape Town.  Enough to present them together…

I don’t have much to say about them – the challenge for me is to take an attractive photograph. A lighthouse is not the easiest of subjects to shoot, because of it’s height and sometimes one cannot get close enough to it, or even far enough from it so that the perspective isn’t spoiled.

The Cape Point Lighthouse is not active. It was found to be hazardous to sailors in misty conditions as they would have to come too close inshore to take a bearing on the light.  A new and more visible Lighthouse was built in 1914. The new Lighthouse is not accessible to public and cannot be seen from the shore.

The Birkenhead Lighthouse is located at Dangerpoint, Gansbaai.

The Roman Rock Lighthouse is at Simon’s Town.

Mouille Point (or Greenpoint Lighthouse) is at Mouille Point. Incidentally it was here that the ship “Seafarer” went aground. The story of that fateful event can be found here:

OK so here goes…see what you think of my attempts so far…

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