Spider Web Action

We have a Koi pond in the front garden. This provides us much entertainment. The fish we have in the pond are a mixture of Koi and various goldfish. They are not the only entertainers there…the pond is also a home to a variety of insect and spider life.

The most common type of spider around my pond is the Orb Web Spider. Most of them are ugly and thin, and not much to look at.

One day we were amazed to find this pretty lady setting up house over the pond. Anchoring her web to the Azalea bush, she proceeded to build the web. She is a Silver Marsh Spider.

I was fortunate to capture a series of photos of a little butterfly that got caught in the web. It was fascinating to see the interaction. The butterfly kept on fighting to free itself and eventually succeeded in escaping…but it was a very close thing! The butterfly managed to scare the spider off by flapping it’s wings frantically milliseconds before the injection of paralyzing fluid…


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