Breakers in Pringle Bay

I have just finished processing my photographs taken while spending an awesome weekend in Pringle Bay at a friends beach house (Thanks again Johan!)

I spent some time on the beach with my camera trying to capture some wave action. I feel quite pleased with these sequences and thought I should share them with you.

It was a weekend that we wished would not end…we stretched our stay to the last possible minute. It was perfect! And if perfection could be improved, then it was because we had the children with us. We played the board game – 30 seconds; went for long walks on the wonderful beach; and ate & slept and relaxed with the braai fire going.

3 thoughts on “Breakers in Pringle Bay

  1. Great photos – I see that photos 1 to 8 were taken at the main swimming part of the beach (looking South West) with the smaller waves and the remainder at the main surfing side of the beach where the river enters the sea (looking North West). The weather was very kind to you folks over the week-end – glad you had a great relaxing fun time with the fandamily.

  2. Hoe dink jy moet ons nou voel???? Sit hier in die uiterste hitte, als kurkdroog, net ons papnat gesweet en jy stuur vir ons die see in al sy glorie. Maar dis pragtige fotos. Lekker wekie.xxxx

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