2013 started with a Blast

As promised I am back…and with a bang!

I was fortunate enough to attend the firing of the 9″ RML (Rifled Muzzle Loading) Cannon at 24:00 on the change over to 2013,. What a privilege! The turnout of interested public to the Simon’s Town Middle North Battery was great. An SABC 3 TV crew was there to film the event and the footage was aired during the evening news at 19:00 on New Years day.

The anticipation was great…

Here are some of the photos of the event. As usual prior to the main event the Cannon Association of South Africa fired off a few model cannon. I managed to capture two of these.

Unfortunately I grossly underestimated the brightness of the blast from the 9″ gun and the resulting image was somewhat overexposed, but I think you will agree that the image still demonstrates the excitement of the moment.

Thanks go to the SA Navy for sponsoring the event and also to the Cannon Association of South Africa whose gunners and enthusiasts are hard at work preserving our heritage and keeping the history of these guns alive. As stated on their website the Cannon Association’s purpose is…

SACA’s purpose is to support the preservation of the muzzle loading heritage of South Africa, including the history that surrounds it, for future generations.

See the cannon association’s website for more information… http://www.sa-cannon.com/

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