Muskets & Cannon Fire in Cape Town Waterfront

The Chavonnes Battery Museum last night hosted a wonderful evening of history. Author and historian Willem Steenkamp provided insights into life in the Cape of Good Hope during the reign of the VOC – acronym for Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company).

Cape SAAACA (Southern Africa Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association: promoting the collecting, study, restoration, preservation and responsible recreational use of collectable Arms & Ammunition as well as general Militaria artefacts) were also present.

There was a demonstration of how to prepare and load and fire muzzle loading cannon.

Ladies and Gentlemen from SAAACA as well as members of the public that were caught up in the spirit of the event were richly attired in period costumes. I did however overhear one or two of them complaining of the unbearable heat.

Once again the Cape Town weather was perfect and the V&A waterfront had an almost magical atmosphere about it. Seeing people walking around in period costumes, the cannons and being regaled by the wonderful strains of the Cape Caledonian Pipe Band just added to the pageantry.

After the firing of the cannon, and before Willem Steenkamp’s talk, everyone enjoyed a glass of wine and some snacks while photos were being taken and being entertained by a string quartet.

3 thoughts on “Muskets & Cannon Fire in Cape Town Waterfront

  1. Hi Basil,

    Thanks for great shots.

    Please note, the cannon firing was not organised by CAOSA it was private firing.

    Kind regards


    083 701 8496

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