Winter Water features…

This winter we have had plenty of rain. Evidently it has been the most rain we have had in 62 years. In the last few weeks winter has really kicked it up a gear or two and the cold has set in. We have had flooding in the flat areas, people displaced out of their homes. Homeless people have died due to a lack of proper shelter. It has really been that cold.

2 weeks ago my wife and I took a country drive to see the snow-capped peaks of the mountains near Cape Town. We bypassed the Du Toit’s Kloof tunnel and instead we took the old mountain pass over Du Toit’s Kloof.and on into the country town of Worcester. There was quite a bit of snow to be seen on the higher reaches of the mountains, but the best views were to be seen towards the little village of Villiersdorp. So we took that road and ended up on the dam wall of the Theewaterskloof dam. The dam was very full but had not yet reached the point of overflow. Happy to see the dam so full, but a bit disappointed that it was not yet overflowing, we carried on to Grabouw. On the way we had some spectacular views of the snowy peaks.

The photos you see in this blog are of the trip 2 weeks ago, and then today we did a similar trip but the home trip was from Ceres over Bain’s Kloof Pass. The images you see are of the same snow of 2 weeks ago but in another form – waterfalls and Theewaterskloof dam now in full overflow mode…take a look – I hope you enjoy them. I am sure you will agree with me that nature is awesome!

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