Signal Guns, Fine Wines & Food

Ke-Monate is Sotho for ‘That’s nice’ or ‘Dis Lekker’. It is also the name of a Winebar & Bistro on the Hooggelegen Hill near Durbanville. Hooggelegen is a family farm and has been so for 5 generations. The owner of the vineyards is WRM de Wit who also happens to be interested in restoring old cannon. They have a number of cannon on the grounds, some of which are in good working order and are fired from time to time. In fact a 9 pounder muzzle loading cannon is fired regularly on the 1st Saturday of every month at around 12 noon.

I had heard about this restaurant through my connection to the Cannon Association of South Africa, but had not yet had the opportunity to visit. I made up for that failing today. My wife is currently on vacation for a week, and I thought I would treat her to breakfast. Well…what can I say? This was one of those occasions when one says…”I should have come here sooner!”

We were welcomed to the Bistro by a friendly bunch of people. We sat down and started with a Hazelnut Cuppuccino before tucking in to a generous serving of the “Farmer’s Breakfast” consisting of Bacon,  Eggs, Hashbrowns etc… One would think that “Bacon & Eggs” is so easy to make, how could you mess it up? What I am sure is harder to do is how to make “Bacon & Eggs” seem like the best B & E that you have ever eaten. This was the case here. The breakfast we had was so good & satisfying that it put us in a kind of glow of happiness. Ke-Monate has an ambience that grabs you as you arrive and holds on to you long after you have left.

Once again this article is not being solicited by Ke-Monate, nor do I get paid for it. So believe me when I say to you – if you want a fantastic food experience that offers an awesome view of Durbanville Valley, with people that go out of their way to make your meal pleasant… then there is no question about it – Ke-Monate is your place to go.

I took some photo’s of the premises and grounds using the HDR technique so that I could emphasize the beauty of the place.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed my visit to Ke-Monate this morning…

Their website is:

Thanks to Leonie and staff for your indulgence in showing me around and allowing the photography!

Dis lekker!


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