Train derails near Fisantekraal

I got the tipoff about this train derailment from a member of the public. It had apparently happened over the weekend. There was a news item about it on television which I missed.

I decided to take a look and drove out to the scene. The train was transporting coal. No passengers. I do not know the fate of the crew manning the train. I can find no news about this anywhere.

The railway line runs under a bridge which had been closed to road traffic.  There were a number of people around working on clearing the scene. I walked up the bridge and took some photographs from the east side, then crossed over to the west to get a look from a different angle. A number of spectators from a local residential area were standing about looking at the carnage.

Looking north, I took a few more pictures and joked with the children pointing at one of them asking if he caused all this. At which the boy in question strongly denied having anything to do with it, while the other children around him laughed and confirmed that he was indeed the culprit. He was more than a little embarrassed but took it in good fun.

I then moved over to look South, and was immediately accosted by a security guard with a truncheon. “No photographs, please move away!” I retaliated that I just need a few pictures and was told “Sorry sir I am just doing my job!” To which I just had to reply “Well, you see,I too am just doing my job!” Anyway I thought I had better not press it too far and took my leave while the guard was still in a reasonably cheerful state of mind. I have found that security people can be rather humourless at times. I left – of course without revealing that I had already taken enough photographs and did not really need anymore.

I just do not understand why he was given instructions to disallow photographs. What is there to cover up? I was standing on a public roadway, photographing something of interest, not something to do with state security. Perhaps someone felt that they had keep it quiet in case there was an investigation of sorts. I do not know and do not care. For me it was just a scene of an accident.

Without further ado – here are the photographs. I hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Train derails near Fisantekraal

  1. It has affected so many daily commuters and myself who travels to Stellenbosch via this road. i now have to travel an extra 14 km detour for the next 3 months or take the N1 which is a nightmare. This is apparantly how long it will take to repair – information received from a mr Louw at the municipality. This is such an unnecessary inconvenience.

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