The Winterberg Mountain Inn

My wife and I decided to take a trip to see if we could find snow in the Ceres mountains. We set out and started our trip with the customary Wimpy take-away Bacon & Cheese toasted sandwich and the mandatory Wimpy mega coffee.

So we wended our way over the du Toit’s Kloof Pass (not via the tunnel, but via the old road) and saw some amazing waterfalls along the way which I shall share in another blog.

We did see a little snow in the Worcester area but it was mainly covered by low lying clouds so not much was visible. Pressing on we headed to Ceres. I must say at this point that I drive slowly. There is so much to see in the countryside that doing more than 100 Km/h is a waste of time. So it was late morning when we arrived at the so called White Bridge or “Wit Brug” which leads onto the Mitchell’s Pass. On the corner just before the bridge and on the right is a place that we have often driven past, looked at in passing and never stopped. The Winterberg Inn. This time was different. The Wimpy coffee’s effects had just about worn off and we were getting thirsty and in need of more coffee. So we stopped and went inside for refreshment. We found a delightful garden and an equally pleasant building in front of us. Karien Grobler was coming down to greet us accompanied by an adorable Labrador puppy. It wasn’t long and we were chatting as if we were old friends and Karien was leading us into the building.

Well needless to say once the menu was shown to us we had coffee and cake (coffee chocolate cake no less) which was delicious.

Apart from meals they also offer accomodation.

I was so impressed with the service and the ambiance of this place that it will become a regular stopping place for us when in the vicinity. I have no problem at all recommending the Winterberg Inn to you all.

They have a website: where contact details can be obtained.


3 thoughts on “The Winterberg Mountain Inn

  1. Glad you discovered this treasure. We are locals and Winterberg Mountain Inn is one of our favourite eateries. They also own Die Tolhuis in Michell’s Pass which is another worthwhile pitstop.

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