Snow trip, or was it Water trip?

As promised in the last blog, here are some of the countryside pictures I captured during our so-called snow-trip.

As you can see from the pictures the snow was barely there. However from the waterfalls, river and the dam overflow picture you can come to the conclusion, without fear of being wrong, that a lot of rain has fallen.

It is a beautiful countryside and one that I love to drive through. Along the way you see the occasional Black Shouldered Kite (a species of hawk), Jackal Buzzard, and all sort of other birds. The winter flowers are all in show at the moment, the aloes, snowdrops and proteas are budding or in full bloom. I have a pin cushion protea in my garden that is just starting to open it’s buds. As soon as it flowers I will share that either in the blog or on facebook.

Anyway have a nice week everybody, it promises good weather for the rest of the week (here in Cape Town at least) with more rain to come on Monday.

PS. Here is a link to my facebook page that has a video clip I took of the Theewaterskloof dam overflowing…



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