Boomslang, Trees, Mountain and Sea


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This weekend past we took a drive around the peninsula. Starting off with a visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to see the boomslang.

No not the snake, although those are apparently there as well. This boomslang is a tree-top walkway that offers magnificent views. Definitely something that must feature on your bucket list.

We had the usual breakfast after the walk eggs & b. on rye and washed down with some excellent coffee before resuming our drive.

Instead of doing the Chapman’s Peak scene which we did earlier this year (and something in me just rebelled at the thought of paying the toll road tax – my bad!), instead took the Ou Kaapse Weg route into Sun Valley and on to Simon’s Town hoping to see some whale activity – but no luck in that department.

Once again the view of False Bay was staggeringly beautiful. We did see that the winter rains had taken it’s toll on the road to Cape Point though. Mud Slides on both mountain & sea sides of the road had caused a lot of damage. Roadworks are still underway to repair this.

Skipping the Cape Point reserve until such time as I can renew my Wild Card, we pushed on to Scarborough and Misty cliffs where I stopped to take few shots of the sea.

In all it was a very relaxing day. This is a trip we do at least twice per year. We are never disappointed..

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