Cape Town Returns Salute of HMS Iron Duke

HMS Iron Duke arrived in Cape Town today 20-08-2014. On board her is the Webb-Ellis Trophy of World Cup Rugby.

I have, on many occasions, been to Signal Hill, Lions Battery to witness the firing of the noon gun. But this would be my first time attending the firing of the ceremonial guns used solely for state occasions such as for visiting Royalty, Foreign Warships and so on.

I was present in Simon’s Town when the 21 gun salute was executed for the Uruguayan Navy vessel which came to honour our Heritage day last year. That was quite exciting to see, but I was observing from a distance so some of the ambiance of the moment was lost. Today I was close to the action and it was all thunder and lightning, smoke and cordite. Marvelous stuff!

Unfortunately the weather did not play along. It was quite poetic really…a navy event and wet. It was pouring with rain and the wind driving us into some shelter before the ceremony. However once HMS Iron Duke appeared out of the mist everyone was out of the shelter and readying their cameras for the event.

HMS Iron Duke fired her 21 Gun Salute first after which the SA Navy gun crew responded with their 21 Gun Salute to welcome them into harbour.

The weather prevented nice clear photographs of the ship, but I did manage to get 1 image of a flash of gunfire from the ship (The rest were just smoke).

As you will see from the images I managed to take a few early morning images of Cape Town.

I hope you enjoy the images.


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