A Poem of Memorial Importance

My wife and I were recently very privileged to meet Brett & Adela Staegemann. We stayed in their Cottage on their organic farm on the Bibby’s Hoek road near Rheenendal.

For my blog on our stay there click this link: https://phototuneps.wordpress.com/2019/09/01/elephant-rest-forest-cottage-knysna/

I am not a poet. I do not know the rules of poetry. Perhaps I am breaking every one of them. It just seems wrong to put rules on what one feels. I write what I feel. This place made such an impression on us, perhaps because it is exactly what we needed… Anyway sometimes I get the urge to wax poetical and the following piece of verse came forth…

Elephant Rest Forest Cottage
by: BJ Spencer-Hicken

It’s a road much travelled
between Cape Town & Knysna
And a turn-off easily missed
When one gets a bit nearer

The Rheenendal Road
Is the way to an abode
Built on some land
By a carpenter’s hand

With wood from the Forest
That gives Elephants their rest
And skill that can testify
Of skills of others long gone by

This is the place of the Woodcutters of Knysna
Where farms and families now make their lives
Where graves not forgotten lie shallow
With others unmarked like a barrow

The Forest is very near
with nature’s beauty to dismiss all fear
The tranquility supreme
Light filtering through trees, a soul searching beam

The Stream runs fast
Given impetus at last
By Jubiliee’s waterfall
and a Loerie’s birdcall

The trails one can take
past visual pleasures of Nature’s make
memorial treasures unsurpassed
which are guaranteed to last.


a haiku…

Water, when it is, 

is very wet

and when it is not, it is dry.