2 Lighthouses

Last week Saturday my wife & I took a drive to see the sunset and we ended up at Mouille Point. I got a shot of the lighthouse when the light got switched on in the early evening.

Today we took my son & daughter-in-law for a picnic. When we got to the picnic site we were disappointed to find that it was closed. We decided to continue on to the seaside town of Kommetjie (Afrikaans word meaning “little bowl”) and ended up walking to the Slangkop Lighthouse (Slangkop is afrikaans for “Snake Head”). They opened the lighthouse and let us climb up to the top – 139 steps – totally worth it. The view is awesome from the top of the LH.

Here are some of the pics…



Winter Solstice 2016

The full moon looked very special tonight.

It is quite cold in Cape Town which makes it an excellent time for crystal clear skies. Moon photography is one of my favourites that I always return to. I never get tired of that beautiful orb.

Called the Strawberry Moon it got its name from native Americans who used this event which indicated the readiness of fruit for harvesting, e.g. strawberries…

This year the Strawberry moon coincides with Summer Solstice, but of course here in Southern Africa it is the Winter Solstice.





Paintball Bachelor


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I accompanied my son to the paintball range today. He was attending a soon-to-be-married friend’s bachelor fun day. They chose the Hostile paintball range off the Botlarey Rd near Kraaifontein. I found it to be a well thought through layout with … Continue reading

Cape Town Returns Salute of HMS Iron Duke


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HMS Iron Duke arrived in Cape Town today 20-08-2014. On board her is the Webb-Ellis Trophy of World Cup Rugby. I have, on many occasions, been to Signal Hill, Lions Battery to witness the firing of the noon gun. But this … Continue reading

Boomslang, Trees, Mountain and Sea


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  This weekend past we took a drive around the peninsula. Starting off with a visit to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to see the boomslang. No not the snake, although those are apparently there as well. This boomslang is a … Continue reading

Snow trip, or was it Water trip?


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As promised in the last blog, here are some of the countryside pictures I captured during our so-called snow-trip. As you can see from the pictures the snow was barely there. However from the waterfalls, river and the dam overflow … Continue reading